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Todd Harms has over 10 years of experience as an aggressive crimal defense attorney, practicing in both state and federal court.

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Todd Harms

Todd Harms

Attorney at Law


Todd has set new precedent in Washington in the cases of Guillen v. Contreras, 238 P.3d 1168 (2010); and Tri-City Metro Drug Task Force v. Contreras, 129 Wash. App. 648 (2005)

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We handle the full spectrum of criminal cases. Whether it's a major federal drug conspiracy or DUI, we will bring all of our experience and skill in defending you. Other services include vacating and expunging records, restoration of your right to own and posess firearms and defending against government forfeiture of propery.


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Drug Conspiracy

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Vacate/Expunge Records

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Firearm Possession

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Asset Forfeiture

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